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New GHG emissions management tool launched

26 January 2005 – In response to the growing need for energy companies to manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change impact Augusta Systems announced Tuesday the release in North America of Ecolytics, a comprehensive GHG emissions management software tool.

“Climate change is no longer simply a public policy issue. It is a matter of financial and risk management for businesses,” said Pat Esposito, chief executive officer of Augusta Systems. “Ecolytics can help to address those concerns by providing an effective cataloguing, strategic planning, economic analysis and risk management solution. It can be used to analyze and track data across an organization or at the project level.”

Esposito said Ecolytics is scalable and flexible to meet the needs of organizations of differing sizes and can be easily customized and integrated into current organizational operations. He noted that Ecolytics is built to assist organizations that may face government imposed GHG emissions mandates, voluntary emissions reduction goals, or both.

Driven by climate change concerns, businesses and others organizations that produce GHGs have faced increased scrutiny. Some governments have mandated GHG emissions reductions, while others have pushed for voluntary emissions reduction goals. These mandatory and voluntary targets have left businesses with important decisions regarding approaches to GHG emissions management; decisions which carry a considerable amount of risk and have far reaching financial impacts.

Ecolytics was launched commercially in North America, during the Electric Utilities Environmental Conference in Tucson and the North American Power Markets Conference in Toronto

Augusta Systems, based in Morgantown, W.Va., provides technology research and development and technical consulting solutions in the energy/environmental and defence/aerospace sectors.