Indonesian power company restores power link to Aceh

5 January 2005 – Indonesian state power company PT PLN has restored a 30 km electricity transmission line in tsunami-ravaged Meulaboh, Aceh Province, that needed to be re-built.

The company said on Tuesday that its engineers were still working hard to distribute electricity to tsunami victim accommodation centres.

Due to the limited supply of fuel oil, power supplies are only possible for six hours each day. PT PLN said it had asked state-owned oil company Pertamina to increase its fuel supply so that electricity distribution to the district could last 12 hours a day within a month.

Some 60 per cent of the power supply in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh has been restored with its peak load reaching 28 MW, while in Langsa Sabulussalam and Bireun districts distribution had reached 100 per cent.

In Lhoseumawe the supply has reached 90 per cent, Sigli 80 per cent and Meulaboh 16 per cent. Electricity supply in Nias island, North Sumatra, has also been fully restored.

Power supply to a total of 16 000 houses in Banda Aceh has been restored. PLN is aiming to restore the supply to 34 000 houses.