Replacement Lock-out Relays

Issue 1 and Volume 109.

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Electroswitch offers replacements for Westinghouse and GE lock-out relays (LORs) that are worn or failing. Available replacements are either Series 24, which replace various GE models, or Westinghouse models. These feature manual-, electric-, or self-reset capability. Manual-reset models are reset by the operator moving the handle back to normal. Electric-reset models can be reset either manually or through a command from supervisory control. Self-reset LORs will reset automatically once the trip has been cleared (either instantly or according to a factory-set time delay). A variety of trip and reset coils allows Series 24 LORs to be configured for specific applications. They are available with built-in coil monitoring and fault signal detection/indication.
Electroswitch Corp.

Compact, Multifunction Annunciator

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AMETEK Power Instruments has introduced the new Panalarm Series 90A annunciator that performs many new functions, allowing operators to consolidate the amount of equipment they require. In addition to its standard function of visually displaying alarms, the Series 90A timestamps alarms to determine the sequence of events. Its serial and Ethernet capabilities allow operators to centralize alarms from multiple locations to get a “big picture” view of an entire facility. The Series 90A provides reliable worry-free operation, making it the perfect choice for the power generation, transmission and distribution industries. The annunciator is practically maintenance free, using super-bright, long-life LEDs for visual indication of all alarms.
AMETEK Power Instruments