Dutch delight as Rijnmond roars

2 December 2004 – Rijnmond Energie, one of the most important power developments in Western Europe, has begun commercial operation and is despatching to the Dutch power grid.

InterGen CEO, Marvin Odum, said: “The commercialization of Rijnmond represents a number of significant successes for InterGen, from securing financing at a challenging time for the market, to building and bringing this plant online in under two years.”

One of the cleanest and most efficient power facilities in Europe, Rijnmond represents approximately five per cent of the Dutch power grid. It will be supplying enough power for over 800 000 average households, while meeting the strictest environmental standards and operating with the highest thermal efficiency of any plant in Western Europe.

As a co-generation project, the 820 MW, natural gas fired, combined cycle facility will also supply steam to Shell’s Pernis refinery, located adjacent to the power facility beginning in December.