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Big future predicted for micro-CHP

29 November 2004 – Micro-CHP technologies should have an essential role in the fight for a more sustainable energy future, according to a series of fact sheets published by Cogen Europe.

The fact sheets suggest that micro-CHP should be considered to compliment or replace existing conventional boilers, as unlike a boiler, micro-CHP generates electricity together with the heat, at very high efficiencies. It was also put forward that surplus electricity could possible be exported to the local grid.

Cogen argue that wider use of micro-CHP would help to save fuel, cut greenhouse gas emissions to fight global climate change, and make electricity and heat supply to consumers more affordable.

The five fact sheets, which outline the status of micro-CHP technologies in Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Czech Republic, highlight that a variety of micro-CHP products in Europe are already commercially available. Differing technologies include internal combustion engines, gas turbines, Stirling engines, organic rankine engines, or fuel cells.

The micro-CHP fact sheets can be downloaded from There are a number of fact sheets on other countries under preparation.