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Indian dairy farm to host biogas demonstration project

24 November 2004 – Capstone Turbine has been selected to provide a biogas-to-energy demonstration project at a dairy farm in West Bengal, India.

Expected to be online mid 2005, the project will be the first installation of Capstone MicroTurbine energy systems in India.

S.P Gon Chaudhury, director of the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency, said: “This will introduce microturbines as a clean, climate-friendly, decentralized energy generation technology option for India.”

The project will encompass two new anaerobic digesters (which create biogas from manure), gas pre-treatment equipment, two Capstone C30 systems and a microgrid to export power.

Capstone hoped that the cooperative agreement between Capstone, the US Agency for International Development, the US Asia Environmental Partnership and the regional government body of India would serve as the first stepping stone to further deployments, particularly in converting waste gases in India into renewable energy.

The dairy will use all of the thermal energy and about one third of the electricity produced by the pair of microturbines. The remaining electricity will be distributed via a microgrid to a nearby village.