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Ukrainian nuclear reactor stopped

22 November 2004 – A nuclear generating set at the Ukranian Rivne power plant was shut down after a steam leak in the turbine on Friday 19 November.

The No. 3 generating set at the Rivne nuclear plant, which had been put into operation the previous day after maintenance was carried out, was shut down automatically due to a steam leak in the turbine. The shutdown did not cause any rise in radiation levels inside or outside the station. Work is in progress to remove the malfunction the caused the shutdown and the generating set is expected to be back in operation shortly.

The Ukraine is also suffering with another nuclear generating set being out of use. The No. 2 generating set at the Khmelnytskyy nuclear plant was stopped for maintenance on Thursday 18 November, as previously agreed with the controller services of Ukraine energy systems.

Ukraine’s remaining 13 nuclear reactors are all in operation although, due to restrictions imposed by controllers, energy output at the South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant has been temporarily reduced from 3000 MW to 2750 MW.