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Technology and expertise shared between US and Korean firms

12 November 2004 – The Korea Nuclear Fuel Company (KNFC) has awarded Westinghouse Electric Company contracts to provide joint technology development, training, major equipment and installation, and commissioning of a new tube manufacturing plant in the Republic of Korea.

Westinghouse will also supply Trex starting materials from its Western Zirconium plant in Ogden, UT, USA for eight years, as well as tubing supplies from its Speciality Metals Plant (SMP) in Blairsville, PA., USA, to meet initial KNFC needs. The four contracts, totalling in excess of $90m, also include the transfer of Westinghouse technology to Korea.

With a planned location in Daejeon, four miles from the existing KNFC fuel manufacturing site, the new Korean tubing plant is expected to produce in excess of four million linear feet per year.

The new venture will offer both companies a means of solidifying its respective security of supply for tubing and will serve as a viable Westinghouse back-up tubing source for the expanding load demands at SMP.

In addition to the agreed upon technology transfer, KNFC will station a number of Korean engineers at SMP for one year, beginning in 2006, for hands-on manufacturing process and methodology training. Westinghouse will support qualification of the KNFC new tube manufacturing facility’s technology following equipment installation in Korea.

The contracts will begin in 2005 with completion set for 2009. Equipment installation is projected for 2007 to 2008.