Iranian hydropower plant provides major power boost

11 November 2004 – Iran’s power capacity will increase by 44 per cent after a 2000 MW hydropower plant that is to be built beside Karoun 3 dam is completed in the near future, Ali Akbar Zahmatkesh, managing director of Water and Power Resources Development Company said on Sunday.

The Tehran Times quoted Zahmatkesh as saying the nation’s biggest reservoir dam, Karoun 3, will start to be filled with water on Monday.

Mahab Co. undertook the $900m construction project along with a Canadian contractor in 1995.

According to Zahmatkesh, the dam is expected to raise 4000 million kWh of energy each year, adding “two phases of the project will be operational by January.”

The Karoun 3 hydropower plant will be the third biggest in Iran after Masjed Soleyman and Shahin Abbaspour plants. The capacity of the reservoir dam is put at 1.25 billion cubic meters.