Energy output tracked at Whirinaki

10 November 2004 – One of New Zealand’s largest energy producers, Contact Energy, has equipped the country’s recently completed Whirinaki power generation plant with an enterprise energy management (EEM) system to track energy output and station service.

To monitor the Whirinaki plant’s output, Contact Energy commissioned Quasar electronics to equip the facility with a network of Ion intelligent energy meters and software from Canada based Power Measurement.

Quasar installed an Ion 8300 revenue meter on each of the plant’s three generators to measure the power produced when the generators are running, and three more Ion 8300 meters to measure power levels when the generators are standing by.

Quasar then installed an Ion 8400 meter to monitor the local service transformer supply, and equipped the station’s buses with Ion 8500 meters to track MWh and MVARh imported and exported. To monitor and report on the entire metering network, Quasar installed a PC workstation equipped with the Ion Enterprise energy management software.

The EEM system aims to provide Contact Energy with the tools to efficiently monitor and verify operating conditions and output at the new facility, all from a single interface.