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GE’s H System given Royal approval

29 October 2004 � Her Majesty the Queen officially opened Baglan Bay power station yesterday, saying it was the most desirable power project she had ever visited.

The $500m plant developed by GE and BP Amoco, the owner of the site, is situated in Wales and is the world’s first power plant to use GE’s H System, the most advanced combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) technology produced to date.

Lou Cerone, vice president, energy technology, GE Energy, said of the Royal opening, “This really demonstrates the new level we have reached with the system.”

The 500 MW inaugural plant is capable of breaking 60 per cent efficiency and has produced 80 per cent lower NOx and 16 per cent lower CO2 emissions than levels recorded from current UK CCGT facilities.

These results have been achieved by integrating the gas turbine, steam turbine and heat recovery steam generator into a seamless system.

The closed loop steam cooling system allows the turbine to fire at a higher temperature for increased performance, enabling GE to sell the electricity to the grid at a more consumer friendly price.

Sir William Castell, president and CEO, GE Healthcare, said the Royal occasion was a celebration of cost effective and clean energy.

The H System was developed under the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Turbine System (ATS) programme. The new power plant provides power and heat to the surrounding energy park as well as selling electricity to the UK grid, giving power to around 500 000 homes.