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New genset to rival diesel engines

25 October 2005 – Turbomeca have announced the development of a gas turbo-genset that is to rival diesel engines both in terms of purchase and operational costs.

The TM 1800 has been in development since December 2000 and Turbomeca purport it to combine the advantages of diesel engines and gas turbines, in particular in terms of consumption, reliability and maintenance costs.

Housing a high speed alternator and a heat recuperator, the compact and vibration free TM 1800 has been subject to bench tests since 2003 and it has been calculated that its reliability makes it possible to reach 20 000 operating hours of time between outage.

Designed for a variety of applications on land and sea, the TM 1800 has a power output of two MW and a consumption of 210 g/kWh.