Calpine and Newmarket enter energy services agreement

19 October 2004 – Calpine Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiary, Calpine Energy Services (CES) has been selected to provide energy services for Newmarket Services Company LLC (Newmarket). The agreement between the two will include the provision of fuel management, power marketing and gas supply for Newmarket’s gas fired cogeneration plants in New Jersey, USA.

As agent for Newmarket, a newly formed subsidiary of MMC Energy LLC and Morris Energy Group LLC, CES will provide a energy services including daily energy and gas management (such as bidding, scheduling and ancillary services), transmission analysis, and risk management and reporting.

Andrew Slocum, vice president of merchant services for CES said, “Our goal is to help Newmarket benefit from what we do best – help customers get reliable performance and enhance their bottom line.”

CES now manages Newmarket’s 165 MW Bayonne, 145 MW Camden and 130 MW Newark Bay power plants, all in the US.