GE Energy and Bechtel announce North American alliance

6 October 2004 – GE Energy and Bechtel Corporation announced Tuesday their intent to establish an alliance in North America.The two prominent companies have developed a standard commercial offering for optimised integrated combined-cycle gasification (IGCC).

Edward Lowe, general manager of gasification and product line management for GE Energy said: “The alliance will initially focus on establishing successful IGCC ventures for the power generation market in the US”

Offering significant environmental benefits, compared to traditional pulverised coal power plants, IGCC convert coal and other hydrocarbons into synthetic gas, which after cleanup is used as the primary fuel for a gas turbine in a combined-cycle system.

The alliance will integrate the development, marketing, commercialisation and implementation of GE’s IGCC process with Bechtel’s engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) expertise.

GE Energy has worked with Bechtel on a number of IGCC projects, including the 100 MW Cool Water plant in California and the Tampa Electric Company’s 250 MW Polk Power Station in Florida.

Scott Ogilvie, president of Bechtel Power Corporation, said: “This alliance can significantly improve prospects for developing cleaner coal projects and will enhance the competitiveness of IGCC in the areas of price, performance, schedule, availability and emissions.”

It is hoped by both companies, that by establishing a leading position in the production of cleaner power from coal and petroleum coke, it will bring value to a wide range of customers.