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REpower UK secures first wind turbine order

29 June 2004 – Within just six months of its launch REpower UK Ltd, the new joint venture between wind turbine company REpower Systems AG and specialist engineering company Peter Brotherhood Ltd, has secured its first wind turbine order.

A single REpower, 2 MW, MM82 wind turbine will be manufactured for Long Hill Energy Ltd and will be installed at Long Hill Road, near March, in Cambridgeshire. The MM82 is an IEC Class II machine and ideally suited for
installations in the East of England because its long rotor blades enable it to generate electrical power from relatively low wind speeds.

The contract was awarded to REpower UK because of its ability to accommodate a 2 MW machine with a large, 82 meter, rotor span within the constraints of the planning conditions. In addition, REpower UK’s local service centre, based at Peter Brotherhood’s manufacturing facilities in Peterborough, is a short distance from the turbine site and this was a significant factor in REpower’s favour.

Wind Direct is the project developer in collaboration with March based Snowmountain Enterprises. Martin Alder, Wind Direct managing director, said: “We are delighted to be associated with Peter Brotherhood’s first wind energy venture; we intend this to be a template for small wind energy projects across the UK delivering green energy direct to commerce and industry in the most cost effective and environmentally efficient way.”

Wind Prospect, one of the UK’s most successful wind energy companies, is managing the project. REpower UK will be responsible for the supply, erection, commissioning and service of the turbine, which will be manufactured by REpower Systems in Germany. However, some large components,
such as the towers, may be sourced in the UK. The REpower team will assemble and erect the turbine during the second half of this year and commissioning is scheduled towards the end of the year.

Henning von Barsewisch, REpower UK’s managing director, states: “We are very pleased with the first order after a short presence in the British market. It shows that REpower’s technology is very well suited to applications in
the UK and that the joint venture with Peter Brotherhood is viable.”

REpower believes that there is great potential for the MM82 in the UK. It fits well within the dimensions of many consented projects and offers high energy yield with low noise emissions.