Air Control Science and Czech firm create alliance

11 June 2004 � Air Control Science and the Czech Republic-based Prodeco have formed a strategic alliance to design, fabricate and install innovative bulk materials handling systems in Eastern Europe. Air Control Science is an engineer constructor for bulk materials handling and dust control systems. These systems reduce dust emission, preserve materials handling equipment, and create a healthier environment for workers in coal, cement, grains, and primary metal facilities.

Based in Teplice, Czech Republic, Prodeco is one of Eastern Europe’s more well known and established engineering and construction companies for materials handling. Air Control Science’s passive dust control systems are known for the ability to handle all coals, including the dusty and explosive Powder River Basin Coal derived from the Powder River Basin in Montana, Utah and Wyoming.

Under terms of this strategic alliance, Air Control Science will provide the initial designs and construction management supervision for joint projects, while Prodeco will fabricate and install the systems where the firm has an extensive network, including Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Yugoslavia, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece.

Air Control Science’s Dustless Transfer and other patented technologies will be incorporated in these project designs. The Dustless Transfer includes an enclosed re-circulation chamber specifically designed for conveyor to conveyor transfer points. Dustless Transfer designs result in transfer chutes that provide a smooth flow of material, center loading, reduced belt wear and greater efficiency. Additionally, strategic chute inserts control the material velocity and reduce induced airflow and dust.

“This is the second major alliance we’ve named in the last month for handling projects in Europe. We see tremendous opportunity for growth in Europe, as 10 nations recently joined the European Union,” said John S. Fischer, ACS Chairman and CEO. “We will focus on helping Prodeco continue its long history of developing quality outcomes in bulk materials handling.”