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Issue 5 and Volume 108.

Tube Cutter

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In a single process the Multi-Prep cutter from H&S Tools removes the membranes between boiler panel tubes, cleans corrosion and scale from outside of the tubes, and bevels the outside of the tube. The cutters, available in a wide range of sizes, are used in the company’s model MB and BR portable tube end milling machines.
H&S Tools, Inc.

Fuel Oil Treatment Brochure

Alfa Laval has recently published a new brochure, “Fuel Oil Treatment — Serving the Power, Oil and Gas Industries.” This eight-page four-color brochure presents Alfa Laval’s fuel oil treatment systems, including a range of modular separator options for distillates and diesel, crude oil, and heavy fuels. These cost-effective fuel oil treatment solutions enable the use of lower priced grades of fuel to prolong service life, cut maintenance costs and minimize downtime.
Alfa Laval, Inc.

Air Filter

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A filter engineered specifically to maximize the performance and efficiency of gas turbines, compressors, turbo-charged engines and fans is now available from Airguard. With airflows of 625 fpm, the Vari+Plus GT filter captures over 99% of particles 10 microns and larger and 96% of particles five microns and larger. Its construction, a mini pleat media pack design, maximizes the media area while minimizing resistance. Dual density microglass media provides high dust and deep depth loading. The filter’s binder is water resistant and is unaffected by intermittent exposure to moisture. A unitized construction, with no rivets or screws, provides high burst strength up to 25 inches WG.

Wear Plate

Chromium Corporation has introduced CRODON Wear Plate, a cost-effective and durable alternative to traditional high-alumina ceramic and abrasion-resistant wear plates.

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The wear plate is produced through the use of a proprietary process that applies a dense, highly adherent layer of abrasive and impact-resistant material to the surface of ferrous-based materials. CRODON Wear Plates, available in sheets or rolls, are ideal for use in abrasive environments such as coal handling where abrasion leads to quick equipment deterioration. Its nonstick, impact-tolerant and abrasion-resistant surface gives it the flexibility to be used in a wide range of applications including chutes, bang boards, flop gates, loading buckets, conveyors, silos, cones and skirt boards. The wear plates can be welded, studded and/or bolted.
Chromium Corporation


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A non-standard thermocouple, WATCOUPLE, from Watlow Electric is designed to provide accurate measurements with three times less drift than Type K thermocouples. The thermocouple utilizes alternative metals (alloy 600 and nickel-silicon) that embody accuracy, stability and availability. The materials last three times longer and the WATCOUPLE is four times more accurate than Type K special limits.
Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.

Cooling Water Skids

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A new Cooling Water Isolation Skid (CWIS) is now available from Waters Equipment Company. The CWIS is a practical way of maintaining on-line sample temperature where abundant cool surface water sources exist. The skids are designed to allow the use of high solids or hard water by isolating the raw water from the process or coolers through the use of an intermediate plate heat exchanger. Cooling on-line samples with a CWIS is more economical than utilizing an air condensing chiller or a cooling tower. Systems with redundant pumps and heat exchangers are available.
Waters Equipment Co.

Non-chemical Water Treatment

Scale Free International has introduced their patented “Scale Defender” and “Tower Defender” systems. These products totally eliminate the need for chemicals in boilers, cooling towers, chillers and heat exchangers. Microprocessor controls alter the positive nature of the process water to a negative or neutral state. This process eliminates scale formation and microbial concerns without the use of magnets.
Scale Free International, LLC

Flow Monitor

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Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. announces CoolPoint, a vortex shedding meter for transmitting and monitoring cooling flows in power generation applications involving ash slurry pump seal water, heat exchangers, motors, boilers and turbines. Repeatability of the meter is +/-1% of actual flow. The CoolPoint meter is available in pipe sizes ranging from 1/4-inch to 2-inches. All of the features are selectable by pushing buttons on the meter face. In coal-based power generation, the CoolPoint meter provides consistency in monitoring flow of seal water to the pumps processing the slurry. The meter’s high degree of repeatability helps to maintain the reliability of pump seal sleeves and also provides the flow consistency that is critical in cooling motors, boiler feed pumps, gas compressors, heat exchangers, steam turbines and turbine bearings.
Universal Flow Meters, Inc.