€33m contract awarded to Areva in Argentina

11 March 2004 – Areva has won a €33m ($40.3m) turnkey contract with Aluar Aluminio Argentino, Argentina’s top aluminum manufacturer and producer, for the design and installation of a new power supply system in its smelter, situated in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia.

Under the scope of the contract, Areva will upgrade two of the smelter’s three potlines. Areva will replace the eight existing 50 kA, 900 V conversion groups with eight new 74 kA, 1000 V groups and will install a new electrical supply system with all the necessary equipment including power transformers and rectifiers.

Areva will carry out the project without any production interruption. The first set of conversion groups will be delivered in January 2005 and the remaining will be progressively installed over the following two years.

Kurt Hakansson, Senior Vice President for Areva T&D’s Transmission Projects Business Unit said: “This kind of upgrading requires close day-to-day contact with the customer and full understanding of an intricate industrial process. Thanks to its local presence and considerable expertise in the aluminium industry, Areva is the ideal partner for such highly complex revamping projects.”

Areva’s T&D division carries out eight percent of its global sales in Latin America, which amounts to some €290m.