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GE to upgrade three units at Québec hydropower plant

10 March 2004 – GE Energy has received a contract from Brascan Power Corporation of Toronto to upgrade three of the four turbine-generator units at the High Falls hydropower station on the Lièvre River in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

GE Energy will supply three new Francis turbine runners, three sets of wicket gates and one new stator winding for the project. Under the terms of the contract, GE also will perform a hydraulic model test along with dismantling, site and factory refurbishment and re-assembly of the three turbine-generator units.

The turbine runners will be manufactured in GE Energy’s Lachine, Québec facilities while the generator winding will be manufactured in GE’s Beloeil, Québec coil plant. Unit one will be shipped to the project site in July 2006 followed by unit two in July 2007 and unit three in July 2008. The three refurbished units will re-enter service in March 2007, February 2008 and February 2009, respectively.

“This is a significant project for GE Energy since it represents an opportunity to develop a strong working relationship with Brascan Power, a company that owns and operates 45 power stations, primarily in North America,” said Gilles Girard, director of hydro sales and marketing, Canada for GE Energy.