Turkmen president hails energy independence

4 March 2004 – Turkmenistan is quite happy to have its electricity scheme separate from the regional electricity grid. President Saparmyrat Nyyazow said this on 3 March while inaugurating the second unit of the Seydi thermal power station in eastern Turkmenistan.

In the remarks, broadcast by Turkmen TV Golden Age channel on the same day, Nyyazow, addressing the personnel of the station, said: “If you remember, previously our impact within the Soviet energy system on the common energy system was insignificant, whereas you are now completely independent producers of electricity. Frankly speaking, it is not a good thing to join a common energy grid. Take for example Europe’s experience: any insignificant disruption in the energy system affects all other countries.”

During his trip to the site Nyyazow also met local officials and awarded local ensembles money prizes for their “good performance”. In his remarks Nyyazow touched upon inter-ethnic accord, good-neighbourliness relations with Uzbekistan, Iran and Afghanistan, as well as energy export plans.