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Companies to invest $1.9bn in UK wind energy projects

26 February 2004 – RWE AG, Scottish Power Plc, Spain’s EHN SA and competing power generators plan to invest a combined £ 1bn ($1.9bn) to triple the UK’s wind energy capacity over the next two years, the British Wind Energy Association said.

The country has approved projects with a total capacity of 1000 MW, enough to light 1m homes, taking total wind generation to 1500 MW next year, BWEA said in an e-mailed statement.

Wind and other renewable sources are expected to generate ten per cent of the UK’s electricity generation by 2010, up from four per cent now. Countries around the world are seeking alternatives to oil, gas and coal to cut carbon dioxide emissions, it said.

About 22 wind energy sites are due to be built in the UK this year, with a combined capacity of 474 MW, or over four times the total installed last year. Companies will build about 560 MW of wind capacity in 2005, BWEA said.