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Alstom to supply hydro turbines to pumped-storage project in China

12 February 2004 – An Alstom-led consortium has signed a contract, valued at approximately €67m ($86m), with the Hebei Zhanghewan Pumped Storage Company Ltd., to supply equipment to the Zhanghewan pumped-storage hydropower station
(4 x 255 MW), located in China’s north-east Hebei Province.

Alstom’s share of the contract is around €34m and scope of supply includes four pump-turbines, governing systems, control systems, spherical inlet valves, mechanical auxiliaries, and a static frequency converter. The first unit is expected to enter commercial operation in early 2007 and the last unit in 2008.

The other consortium member, Voith Fuji Hydro of Japan, will supply four motor-generators, excitation systems and other electrical auxiliaries.

Financed by loans from the Asian Development Bank, the Zhanghewan project is designed to have multiple functions. When completed, the plant will supply a load smoothing capacity of 2000 MW to the Hebei Southern Power Grid. The heightened dam will allow better flood prevention and control, increase the downstream irrigation area, and also provide drinking water to areas along both banks of the lower Gantao River.