AcuPower, Io Energy partner to provide daily electricity load forecasts

ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 6, 2004 — Energy software and service company AcuPower has teamed with energy publisher Io Energy to provide daily electricity load forecasts for the three Independent System Operators in the Northeast.

Power Daily’s Eastern Market Midday Report now includes AcuPower’s proprietary peak load forecast range for ISO New England, the New York ISO and the eastern hub of the PJM Interconnection.

The daily peak forecast is also compared to 30-year average loads for that date to determine how much the forecast is above or below normal on both an absolute and percentage basis.

AcuPower’s forecast model accounts for weather conditions and historic load. The absence of aggregated historical data from the western hub of PJM excludes it for now from AcuPower’s model.

Also included is AcuPower’s forecast of the amount of generating capacity expected offline that day.
The current season’s peak load by day and hour is included, along with the real-time ISO price for that peak.

Power Daily’s Eastern Market Midday Report is issued at 1 p.m. each weekday only to subscribers of Power Daily Northeast and Power Daily North America. Io Energy analysts canvas trading in PJM, New England, New York, Ontario, ECAR, MAIN, MAPP and ERCOT, and report on ISO markets.

“AcuPower’s forecast is based on an impressive model using a deep data stream that makes it one of the most reliable forecasts I’ve seen,” said Io Energy President and CEO Randy Rischard.

“We’re extremely excited about our growing relationship with such a respected energy news organization as Io Energy, and providing its readers our day-ahead outlook for demand in the Northeast,” AcuPower manager Kent Knutson said.

AcuPower is part of Boulder, Colorado-based Global Energy Decisions. AcuPower delivers a feature-rich online system that specializes in generating short-term load forecasts and supply stacks. Users can modify input data and assumptions for the system and import entire proprietary data sets.

Io Energy is a provider of energy news and information. It publishes weekly and daily power industry newsletters for each U.S. region and Canada, along with weekly newsletters focusing on transmission, generation and northeastern natural gas.