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Irish Presidency hopeful to reach agreement on linking

4 February 2004 – The Irish Presidency of the EU is working hard to reach an agreement with the European Parliament on the linking Directive, and aims to do so by the end of its presidency in June, said Environment Minister Martin Cullen.

The EU emissions trading scheme is an essential part of the EU climate change policy strategy. With the national allocation plans (NAPs) due to be submitted to the European Commission by the end of March and negotiations on the linking Directive potentially nearing the end, the issue has been made a priority for the Irish Presidency.

Ireland arranged a NAP conference in Dublin on 3 February, as a means to help EU Member States finish their NAPs by the 31 March deadline, where Irish Environment Minister Martin Cullen took the opportunity to make a statement on the linking Directive.

The linking Directive will establish the rules for linking credits from Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) projects to the EU emissions trading scheme. Last week, a draft legal report from Parliament’s Alexander de Roo was leaked, where he argued for early use of CDM credits in the CDM scheme, regardless of the status of the Kyoto Protocol.

The Irish Presidency ends 30 June, but the last legislative session of the European Parliament will be in April, before the elections.