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PSEG responds to NRC request for work environment self-assessment at Salem and Hope Creek nuclear plants

SALEM, N.J., Feb. 2, 2004 — Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) said that it has initiated an in-depth self-assessment of the work environment at its Salem and Hope Creek nuclear facilities in New Jersey.

The self-assessment stems from a request by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in a letter dated January 28, 2004 to E. James Ferland, chairman of PSEG.

The letter discusses a review by the NRC of Salem and Hope Creek to assess the environment for raising and addressing safety issues. The NRC’s letter is scheduled to be posted on its web site: http://www.nrc.gov.

The letter acknowledges recent management changes to improve the work environment at the nuclear facilities but requested that PSEG conduct its own in-depth assessment and provide a plan of action for addressing various issues.

Ferland issued the following statement:

“The NRC’s letter addresses workplace environment issues that we have been fully aware of for a period of time. Our reorganization last year, including the addition of Roy Anderson as Chief Nuclear Officer, addressed many of these issues.

Roy recently completed a structural reorganization at Salem and Hope Creek. This reorganization involved significant operational changes at all the facilities and the introduction of several new members of our management team. We are pleased that the NRC has recognized the management realignment that has occurred and the positive response it has generated at the stations. We are also aware that we must work diligently to continue this improvement in the workplace environment and believe we have the resources and organization to do so.

As requested by the NRC, we will be conducting our own in-depth assessment of the work environment at our nuclear plants and will implement any necessary changes to continue to make progress.”