Marubeni agrees to re-sell Excelergy software platforms in Japanese energy market

Jan. 27, 2004 — Marubeni Corp. and Excelergy Corp. have signed a partnership agreement to jointly and exclusively market and sell Excelergy’s platforms in the Japanese energy/utility market.

Japan, which is undergoing a gradual restructuring of its deregulating energy/utility market, is also in the process of establishing the nation’s first wholesale power exchange.

“We chose Excelergy in part because of its proven success in other global restructuring energy markets, from Singapore and Australia to Italy, The Netherlands, Canada and the US,” said Shinichiro YAMAZAKI of General Manager Enterprise Sales Dept, Marubeni Corp. “Their systems automate critical business processes for both central market operators and individual market participants, so this partnership gives us flexibility in what we can offer our clients and prospective clients in the restructuring Japanese energy market.”

Excelergy’s flexible, scalable software systems automate forecasting, trading, scheduling, billing, settlement and customer/partner acquisition and care for market participants throughout the energy/utility value chain. The Lexington, Massachusetts-based company has a growing total of 68 global systems deployments, including the Italian national power exchange.

“We are honored to partner with such an outstanding and successful firm as Marubeni,” said Excelergy president and CEO Bill Mahoney. “We are already working hard to offer and deliver a substantial return on investment from our software platforms to the leading Japanese energy/utility companies.”

Marubeni’s Utility Infrastructure Division plans to enter into the power exchange market as a power producer and supplier, while Marubeni’s Telecom and Information Division plans to offer systems integration services to other market entrants seeking to deploy Excelergy platforms.

Marubeni and Excelergy will focus initially on marketing and selling the following Excelergy platforms in Japan:

1. Excelergy Revenue Manager™

Excelergy Revenue Manager™ is a multi-commodity, multi-currency billing, customer care and revenue management software platform that enhances customer enrollment and retention, enables personalized billing and customer care, and improves revenue management and collections in restructuring markets around the world.

2. Excelergy Hedge Direct™

Excelergy HedgeDirect™ is a real-time transaction management platform that provides complete automation in the quoting, execution, confirmation and contract management of structured retail pricing deals for power and gas. Quotes, offers, acceptance, deal capture and reporting are all processed in real-time.

3. Excelergy Trader Back Office™

Excelergy Trader BackOffice™ is a secure, scalable platform that automates the scheduling, settlement, transaction management and collaborative communications necessary to facilitate trading in global energy markets. Trader BackOffice features an advanced XML architecture that provides a secure Web portal for market interfaces and easy information exchange with central market operators, trading counterparties and other market participants. It earned Power & Gas Marketing Magazine’s 2002 “Premium Product Award” in the US.

About Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni is a general trading house with approximately 3,900 employees in 75 countries. With consolidated sales totaling $73 billion (USD), Marubeni’s operations encompass domestic, import, export and offshore trade and investment activities, ranging from the development of natural resources to retail marketing of finished products. For more information on Marubeni, please visit the company’s Web site at www.marubeni.com.

About Excelergy® Corporation

Excelergy is a provider of in high performance software platforms that increase revenues, improve cash flows and reduce costs in the energy/utility industry and other restructuring value chains. Excelergy’s highly flexible, scalable software systems automate forecasting, trading, scheduling, billing, settlement and customer/partner acquisition and care. They are based on an open, object-oriented, Web-centric, native XML technology architecture. More information is available at www.excelergy.com.