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Vogt Power International and Optiguide sign agreement for gas turbine air-inlet cooling system

Burlington, MA, Jan. 2, 2004 — Vogt Power International Inc. (VPI) has recently signed an agreement with Optiguide Ltd., an Israeli Corporation, to market and sell its patented air-inlet cooling system for gas turbines.

As part of he cooperation agreement, Optiguide has appointed VPI as its exclusive sales representative to market, promote and sell its inlet fogging systems for gas turbines above 20 megawatts in all countries in North and Latin America, and as its non-exclusive sales representative in Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece.

Optiguide’s fog cooling system for gas turbine power augmentation features a patented low-pressure air assisted nozzle and a patented in-line wetness sensor. Combined, these two patented features provide very small droplet sizes, which allows for complete evaporation, as well as closed loop PLC control and fine tuning flexibility for on-line wetness control, all at a low initial investment.

Dr. Marc Horvay, President and CEO of VPI, commented that, “We believe Optiguide’s low-pressure fogging system is a unique and economical solution to the current problems associated with existing high-pressure turbine air-inlet cooling systems, such as clogging, pump malfunctions and blade erosion. It is a natural extension of the products and services we currently offer to power generation facilities”.

VPI designs, engineers, and fabricates HRSGs for gas turbine sizes ranging from 20 to 265 megawatts and has units operating in 29 countries around the world. It also offers a full set of after market capabilities and services for any existing HRSG design, regardless of the OEM. VPI and its predecessor companies have a long history of supplying boilers to the power industry, with its first HRSG being sold in 1962, and supplying the industry’s first integral deaerator, first interstage burner and first reheat HRSGs.

Philippe Blumenthal, Optiguide’s Director, commented that “We believe that Vogt Power International’s strategic position in the US market will enable Optiguide to successfully penetrate the inlet fog cooling market with its superior patented technology. Just as nozzles for fuel combustion evolved from high pressure to dual fluid systems, a similar evolution in the inlet fogging arena is inevitable and we will be there with our partner VPI.” Optiguide, Ltd. is a six-year old industrial technology company, based in Israel, developing state-of-the-art controlled humidity and cooling solutions.

Babcock Power Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a suppliers of technology, equipment, and services to the power generation industry. In addition to the products and services furnished by Vogt Power International Inc., BPI also provides heat exchangers and after market services associated with such heat exchangers, including moisture separator reheaters and feedwater heaters to nuclear facilities, and feedwater heaters and surface condensers for fossil plants through its TEi subsidiary located in Los Angeles, CA, and provides steam generators, environmental solutions (including SCRs, flue gas scrubbers and mercury removal systems), and after market solutions to the electric utility and waste-to-energy industries through its environmental and services subsidiaries located in Worcester, MA.