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China’s Three Gorges project to add four generators 2004

2 January 2004 – Four additional power generators, each with an installed capacity of 700 MW, will go into operation in 2004 in the Three Gorges project on China’s Yangtze river.

The gigantic hydroelectricity project will have a total of 26 generators upon completion of the project in 2009, by which time it will be able to generate 84.7 bn kWh of electricity a year.

Construction of the Three Gorges project first began in 1993, and since July this year, six generators have been installed and put into operation.

An official from the Three Gorges Hydropower Plant said the project will be able to generate 8.5bn KWh of electricity by year-end.

Hydroelectric power generated by the Three Gorges project is transmitted to central and eastern China regions, and southwestern Chongqing Municipality, he added.