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Metso’s automation for a combined cycle plant in Thessaloniki, Greece

Nov. 25, 2003 — Metso Automation has received an automation order from VA TECH HYDRO for a new 400 MW combined cycle power plant (CCPP) being constructed in Thessaloniki, Greece. Metso will provide the plant with the metsoDNA automation and information management solution.

The new plant is being built to prevent the electricity supply shortage that would emerge in Greece as soon as in 2004. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that Greece is hosting the Olympic Games in the summer of 2004. The necessary development of infrastructure will increase the country’s energy consumption on both the medium and long-term basis. At the same time the gas fired power plant represents a further step towards the reduction of CO2 emissions in Greece, as it allows the decommisioning of older power plants.

Metso Automation is delivering the main control system for CCPP Thessaloniki, including 3 operator stations with 2 monitors each, an engineering workstation, an information & management station, 5 redundant process stations and several connections to other systems. The power plant will start-up in mid 2005.

The Thessaloniki CCPP is the third project, which is executed by Metso Automation for the general supplier of the plant, VA TECH HYDRO GmbH & Co. One reason why Metso Automation got the project from VA TECH is their confidence in the metsoDNA automation system and the good co-operation between the teams, which was proved during the execution of the two other common projects, CCPP Csepel in Budapest and CCPP Ankara.

The new plant will have a gas turbine with the power output of approximately 260 MW. A waste-heat boiler is used to convert the emerging waste gas to steam, which then results in a power output of approximately 140 MW via a steam turbine. This type of a power plant is characterized by maximum efficiency and minimum emission level. Compared to coal-fired power plants, the CO2 emission of CCPP are merely a third to a quarter with the same output size.

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