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Elsam purchases British offshore wind farm project

20 November 2003 – Danish power utility Elsam has entered into an agreement with NEG Micon to purchase an offshore wind farm project at Kentish Flats at the mouth of the Thames in the North Sea. Elsam said that it is paying well over one billion Danish Kroner ($160.4m) and is subject to the approval of British authorities.

The agreement comprises complete delivery, erection and commissioning of 30 offshore wind turbines of 2.75 MW each and a total output of 82.5 MW. In addition, the purchase includes the necessary concession rights and consents. NEG Micon is to be responsible for operation and maintenance during the first years. Total investment is well above 1.

The offshore wind turbines are of the NEG Micon NM92 type which Elsam already has had the opportunity to test thoroughly in a so-called 0-series erected onshore at different locations in Denmark. The total height of the turbine is 115 m and the blade width is 92 m.

The turbines will be erected according to the technical principles used at Elsam’s offshore windfarm at Horns Rev. The erection of the offshore windfarm will be commenced in the summer of 2004 and commissioning is planned in 2005. Power production from the farm is sold on ordinary market terms in Great Britain.

The purchase is part of Elsam’s strategy to become an international company by establishing energy plants on a sustainable basis, also beyond the borders of Denmark, says Peter Höstgaard-Jensen, Elsam’s CEO.

Elsam participates actively in the two British tender rounds in which Elsam works determinedly to develop offshore wind power projects with the purpose of developing, owning and operating the plants as a long-term investment.

That also applies to an offshore project with room for 90 turbines at Shell Flat off Blackpool which is made in co-operation with Shell WindEnergy and Celt Power.

Peter Höstgaard-Jensen said that Elsam would will be looking positively at a possible co-operation with a major local partner in respect of the Kentish Flats project.