European Regulators Group for electricity and gas formed

14 November 2003 – Responding to calls for a more coherent regulatory approach, the European Commission has established a European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas to further the development of the European Union’s (EU) internal energy market.

The body’s main task is to assist the Commission in further developing the internal market for gas and electricity. It will act as an advisory group to the independent national regulatory authorities, providing a transparent platform for co-operation to ensure that the new electricity and gas directives are applied consistently across the EU.

The Group will be composed of the heads of the national regulatory authorities responsible for overseeing the implementation and functioning of the directives and electricity cross-border regulation.

It will complement the work carried out by the European Electricity Regulatory Forum (Florence Forum) and the European Gas Regulatory Forum (Madrid Forum), which bring together all the major players from government and industry as well as national regulators.