Amoseas Indonesia to invest $1OOm in Java geothermal plant

11 November 2003 – Geothermal and Co-Generation power developer Amoseas Indonesia Inc. is to invest $100m in 2004 to finance development of a 90 MW geothermal power plant PLTP Dradjat III in West Java.

A company document said the geothermal power plant, to be operational in 2006, will be built with modern environmental management system.

The feasibility study on the project, which will have an economic life of 40 years, is now in the final stage, the document said.

Amoseas Indonesia and state-owned electricity company PLN have reached a price agreement for the power it will produce.

Amoseas Indonesia is a fully owned affiliate of Texaco and Chevron, which have specialised in geothermal development and Co-Generation power for Enhanced Oil recovery.