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Xonon-equipped Kawasaki cogeneration system installed at Plains Exploration & Production Co. site

GILBERT, Ariz., Nov. 5, 2003 — Catalytica Energy Systems Inc., a provider of innovative nitrogen oxides (NOx) solutions for combustion-related applications in the power generation and transportation industries, announced that the Plains Exploration & Production Co.’s oil field located in San Luis Obispo on California’s Central Coast will — as soon as next week — be operating one of the lowest emission-producing gas turbine cogeneration systems in the country.

The Kawasaki GPB15X generator package featuring Catalytica Energy Systems’ Xonon Cool Combustion™ system will supplement existing electrical service from PG&E, the area supplier, while achieving ultra-low NOx emissions of less than three parts per million (ppm).

PXP, headquartered in Houston, is an independent oil and gas company with several facilities in California. PXP was recently recognized by the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) of San Luis Obispo County for demonstrating that it is possible to reduce air pollution while increasing production. In keeping with that objective, the Xonon-equipped Kawasaki system is an ideal fit, having demonstrated less than three ppm NOx in other installations.

“It is imperative that we continue to find ways to increase our productivity while also being able to operate our facility in a manner that is respectful of the environment, the people who are affected by our plants and, of course, all regulatory issues,” said PXP Facilities Manager, Jim Nelson.

“The recognition of the APCD,” continued Nelson, “is only one of many that the company has received at our various sites, and we know that this new gas turbine installation will further our overall goals.”

Kawasaki’s M1A-13X 1.4 megawatt gas turbine, which is at the core of its GPB15X package, will be equipped with Xonon Cool Combustion to achieve a significant reduction in NOx output levels. The Xonon® system uses a catalyst instead of a flame in the combustion process, enabling combustion temperatures below the threshold at which NOx forms.

The Kawasaki GPB15X is the first and only commercially available power generation package to include the Xonon Cool Combustion system.

Mike Murry, president and CEO of Catalytica Energy Systems, said, “PXP is a demonstrated leader in its commitment to safety and protecting the environment. We are proud to offer PXP, through our partnership with Kawasaki, a solution that meets their power requirements while at the same time accomplishing their environmental objectives. We have demonstrated great success with this unit at other sites, and look forward to building upon that success at PXP’s San Luis Obispo facility.”

Hiro Matsumura, president of Kawasaki Gas Turbines-Americas, said the electricity from this new installation will be used to power existing as well as new oil pumping systems. Exhaust heat will feed the facility’s Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), which creates steam to be injected into the oil reservoir. This, in turn, reduces the viscosity of the oil so that it can be easily and efficiently extracted from the ground.
“We are very pleased to be playing a role in PXP’s continuing efforts to increase their productivity while simultaneously minimizing emissions,” said Matsumura.

The Kawasaki executive pointed to another of their California installations — at the Sonoma Developmental Center in Eldridge — where a similar retrofitted unit is regularly producing minimal NOx output while maximizing power delivery efficiencies.
According to Matsumura, “No other gas turbine package is capable of offering users this combination of reliability, low vibration, and ultra-low emissions levels.”

The same system is also currently being installed at The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. headquarters campus in Pleasantville, N.Y., where it will provide approximately 75 percent of the facility’s power. Again, the uniqueness of the Kawasaki package’s environmentally-friendly operations was key to the selection process, as RDA management has said they “place a premium on being a good neighbor and responsible corporate citizen.”

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