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Mariah Energy kicks off installation of Heat PlusPower™ systems at the Medicine Hat Leisure Centre

CALGARY, Nov. 5, 2003 — The Medicine Hat Family Leisure Centre has joined the movement towards distributed generation with the installation of two 120/60 Mariah Energy Heat PlusPower™ systems.

Alberta Environment Minister Lorne Taylor inaugurated the new installation when he cut the ribbon Oct. 24, at the Medicine Hat Family Leisure Centre. Medicine Hat’s Mayor Garth Vallely, Medicine Hat Aldermen, utility representative, members of the investment community, as well as others were in attendance.

Mariah Energy Corp., a distributed micro utility, provides microturbine- based on-site heat and energy systems. The systems use an extremely low emission microturbine by Capstone Turbine, and incorporate Mariah’s own Heat Recovery Unit to capture waste heat and convert it into useable heat for domestic hot water purposes.

At the Leisure Centre the Heat PlusPower systems are linked in a primary hot water loop, providing the hot water for the main building which includes an ice arena, 50 m pool (2.7 million litres), the leisure/wave pool (405,000 litres), the total pool (18,700 litres) and the whirlpool/steam room (13,700 litres).

These highly energy efficient systems, which provide 240 kW of heat and 120 kW of electricity, will reduce CO2 emissions by 976 tons per year, and significantly reduce NOx emissions.

Due to their efficient use of fuel, the systems are highly cost effective. From one fuel source both heat and electricity are produced, saving customers up to 25% on their utility bills.

Unique to this installation is the use of a diverter, which allows the exhaust gas from the microturbine to bypass the Heat Exchanger.

“This pilot project marks the first commercial multi-pack installation of the 120/60 system. It is also the first time that the diverter technology has been introduced to our system solution. We are very excited about the opportunity that this new technology development will provide to our customers,” said Paul Liddy, President & CEO of Mariah Energy Corp. “We believe that municipal market opportunities for this new technology will be extensive, especially at installations with seasonal heat loads.”