Slurry Pump

Issue 11 and Volume 107.

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A high performance heavy-duty submersible pump designed to handle various types of slurries has been introduced by ITT Flygt Corporation. Designated as the 5150, the pump is ideal for power plant bottom ash. The slurry pump incorporates a design that lowers operating and maintenance costs. All wear parts of the pump are made of high chrome and the impeller is designed with an optimum combination of solids handling capability, wear resistance and pump efficiency. A plug-in seal system permits fast, easy seal replacement.

ITT Flygt Corporation


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New paralleling switchgear technology from GE Zenith Controls, designated the Entellisys Pro, offers expanded engine control features with built-in redundancy to maximize dependability and safety over a wide range of applications. These include emergency standby, prime power, paralleling with the utility, single and multiple generators, cogenerators and distributed generation. An extensive menu of built-in turn-key operations can be field configured and is easily modified. The Entellisys Pro is fully adaptable to existing systems. The company offers a single paralleling switchgear source for all engine generator configurations.

GE Zenith Controls

Steam Trap Analyzer

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TLV has announced the availability of TrapMan, a computerized steam trap management system. The system’s software, a Windows 95/98 NT or 2000/XP program, enables the system to store, analyze and report on the condition of plant steam traps. By comparing stored empirical data for each type of trap, with actual operating data measured by the system, the trap’s condition can be determined in 15 seconds.

TVL Corporation

Dustless Stacker

To address a common problem of air pollution from the stockpiling of coal at power plants, Air Control Science has developed the Dustless Stacker System to suppress dust in stockpiled materials. Without the use of moisture or chemicals, the stacker system allows coal or other materials to be piled quickly, efficiently, cost effectively and dust free. The stacker includes a telescopic chute that directs the coal from the conveyor toward the stockpile, a hood/stilling chamber, a tight sealing ring and a sensor.

Air Control Science, Inc.

Gate Valve

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Red Valve’s knife gate valves incorporate a robust design and special features for drop-tight sealing and abrasion resistance. The Flexgate contains a replaceable all-elastomer seat and a flush port for easy cleaning. An inverted stuffing box makes packing replacement simple, with no need for valve removal. The cast iron Series G knife gate valve features stainless steel wetted parts, chamfered gate edges and an elastomer seal packing gland to prevent packing wear. Actuators include hand wheel, bevel gear, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.

Red Valve Company, Inc.

Level Measurements

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New IntelliScan and UniScan non-contact, ultrasonic level measurement instruments are now available from Ametek. Utilizing the next generation in transducer technology, these devices offer good reliability, repeatability and performance. The instruments have the flexibility to measure liquids, solids, granular, slurry and open channel flow without the need to change the transducer. There is no calibration or maintenance required as the instruments adjust virtually to all types of conditions and environments. Both of the instruments feature automatic temperature adjustment. The UniScan has an added benefit of being a two-wire, intrinsically safe instrument.

Ametek Drexelbrook

Genset Enclosures

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A new line of skin-tight weather protective sound-attenuated enclosures for 230 kW to 500 kW generator sets are now available from Cummins Power Generation. The new enclosures offer many of the features of custom designed products, plus they have the benefits of lower cost, perfect fit and prompt delivery with the generator set. They are designed to speed installation and reduce costs. Standard features for the enclosures include all steel construction, stainless steel hardware, lockable access doors, protected exhaust system and side mounted generator controls. In addition, there is a flexible connection on the exhaust pipe, and the oil and coolant drains piped to the exterior have interior valves.

Cummins Power Generation

Remote Viewing

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A FireSight high temperature remote viewing system, from Lenox Instrument Company, permits color video monitoring of combustion and process control in boilers. Capable of operating trouble free in temperatures up to 3,500 F (air-cooled model) or 4,000 F (water cooled model), the FireSight system is ideal for power plants. The system is used to speed light-off, evaluate flame quality, determine status of ignitors, and view flame impingement, NOx, emissions and smoke. In power plant applications the system typically reduces fuel consumption by up to two percent and pollution by 20 percent. A light volume control feature allows the operators to easily adjust the amount of light transmitted to the camera. The FireSight viewing system requires a boiler wall penetration of 2-3/8 inches.

Lenox Instrument Company

Refractory Materials

John Zink Company has produced a comprehensive product CD detailing its complete list of engineered refractory materials. The CD contains product data sheets, installation instructions, case histories, technical reports and application sheets. Thermbond is a complete line of refractory products that utilizes dry aggregate and liquid activator components to form a bonded heat resistant material. Once the elements are combined the Thermbond products completely mix in less than one minute and cure in one to four hours. When fully cured the refractory can be immediately fired at the rate of 500 F/hr. Thermbond is the ideal solution for all power plant refractory problems.

John Zink Company, LLC

Vibration and Alignment Tool

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SmartSCANNER is a joystick operated combination vibration, alignment and balancing tool, for corrective and predictive maintenance tasks. The tool integrates data collection, machine analysis and correction functions in one instrument and one maintenance database. The vibration module permits collection and trending of vibration data to determine the development of machinery problems before damage occurs.

Ludeca, Inc.

Slagging Monitor

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Clyde Bergemann has introduced SmartGauge, a product that enables operators to monitor and control slagging. Utilizing the SmartGauge, operators are able to increase boiler efficiency, reduce downtime and reduce sootblower erosion. The product is suitable for retrofit or for new installations.

Clyde Bergemann, Inc.

Steam Traps

TLV has created a line of medium and high-pressure SuperHeat traps. The new design virtually eliminates steam losses and their associated energy waste. Because of the trap’s accessible internals, maintenance is easy and the need to replace the entire trap is reduced. Even under no-load conditions the three-point seating ensures a steam tight seal. The traps are recommended for turbines, superheated drips, sootblowers and thermal drains. In operation the traps are reliable up to 1,500 psi and are available for temperatures up to 1050 F. Sealed stainless steel versions are also available.

TLV Corporation

Transfer Valves

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A Series JR-33 zero leak transfer valve, from The Hydraulic Company of America, has been developed as an alternative to cast plug valves. The Series JR-33, the only transfer valve available with retractable and fully covered elastomer shoes, are designed to reduce operating torque and to avoid dragging an O-ring around the valve. Fabricated steel construction, extremely low-pressure drop and a positive mechanical lockdown device makes the JR-33 valve an ideal choice in applications where zero leakage is required.

The Hydraulic Company of America

Electronic Valve Controller

CCI announces the release of its QuickTrak electronic valve controller, a high-flow servo-valve control system with over 50 times the flow capacity of conventional “smart” positioners. The QuickTrak system provides very fast stroke speeds with no visible overshoot, less that 200 ms dead time on seat and better than 0.25 percent resolution. Because the QuickTrak system operates without using a mechanical linkage it allows the whole system, controller, servo valve, and stepper motor, to be remotely mounted. QuickTrak offers all the latest features of “smart” positioners including diagnostics and compatibility with Hart or other protocols.


Flexible Drive

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Smith Flow Control’s Flexi-Drive is suitable for the remote operation of valves in hard to reach or hazardous locations. It has three elements: an operator station comprising a geared hand wheel and mounting, a valve station actuator, and a patented drive cable linking the two. In operation the cable can transmit a torque in excess of 280 ft-lb up to 200 feet from the valve. Due to its flexibility the Flexi-Drive can pass around and through walls, bulkheads, floors and tunnels to reach the valve. With a service life of 20,000 valve cycles the Flexi-Drive is able to provide uninterrupted operation for the life of any valve. The unit is completely sealed and permanently lubricated. Because of its gearing system more than one valve can be operated from a single operator station.

Smith Flow Controls Ltd.

Mechanical Seals

A new capabilities guide from Burgmann Seals America describes the capabilities of the company’s mechanical seal services for seals in all industries. The company has dedicated facilities for the repair, upgrade and rebuilding of all leading makes and models of seals. All service contracts are customized to meet the individual needs of the customer and the repairs meet or exceed OEM repair standards.

Burgmann Seals America, Inc.

Water and Steam Sampling

Waters Equipment has published a new brochure on steam and water sampling systems (Bulletin W1200). The bulletin illustrates the construction of a well-designed sample panel and shows how large panels can be constructed in modules for easy installation on-site. Proper cooler installation, control and instrument grouping, chiller integration and maintenance accessibility are described. Cooling water isolation systems, multi-steam sequencing refillable resin columns and sampling degassing instruments are also described in detail.

Waters Equipment Co.

Adhesive Bonding

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KALBOND, a high-strength adhesive bonding system used with pre-engineered ALRESIST alumina ceramic tiles will outlive the steel shaft of an auger conveyor system. As a result it significantly extends the life of flights. The extreme impact resistance of the KALBOND system provides superior bonding for ALRESIST alumina ceramic, pre-engineered ceramic or tungsten carbide tiles.

Abresist Corp.

Granulator Brochure

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A 12-page brochure describing Pennsylvania Crusher Granulators is now available by email [email protected] Detailed cutaway illustrations explain the construction and operation of ring hammermills used for the crushing of coal in utility, industrial and independent power generation. Every Granulator model and size is listed ranging in rotor diameters from 26-72 inches and widths of 20-147 inches. The brochure provides HP requirements, rotor speed, maximum input sizes and other useful data. Dimensional drawings are also included.

Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation


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A patented dual belt conveyor system provides high-speed transportation of bulk materials. Conventional horizontal and vertical runs and simple slope conveyor systems are all easy to negotiate and economical to install, operate and maintain. The EleVeyor system can be sized to convey virtually an infinite volume of bulk materials. Because the load is carried and sealed between two belts, it allows the materials to be gently secured for upward transport at any angle of inclination required. Standard commercial components facilitate maintenance.

EleVeyor Manufacturing Division, NorthEast Fabricators, LLC

Conveyor Belt

POWERLOK, a heavy-duty conveyor belt line, designed to meet the challenges of the electric power generation and coal handling industries, is now available from Georgia Duck. By combining the company’s Plylok Supreme carcass with two specially formulated rubber compounds, Power Plus and P3, a belt has been constructed that ensures resistance to abrasion, gouging and tearing of belts used in coal handling systems. In addition, the compounds have been designed to counter the affects of leaching agents that can cause cupping and cover hardening.

Georgia Duck Conveyor Belting

Exhaust Gas Thermocouples

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Conax Buffalo Technologies has developed a line of exhaust gas thermocouples for retrofitting to GE Frame 5, 6, 7 and 9 gas turbines. The three types of sensors are engineered and manufactured specifically to provide longer sensor life than the original equipment. They are also designed to mate with OEM radiation shields. All sensors use Type K wire with MgO insulation, hermetically sealed in stainless steel for high-temperature oxidation resistance and have high vibration resistant hermetic terminations. The assemblies include harnesses configured with cable lengths manufactured to the requirements of the application.

Conax Buffalo Technologies

Babbitt Bearing Repair

A new 16-page brochure from Vertical Seal Company describes the company’s capabilities for the repair and reconditioning of all types of bearings, bushings and other components used in generating power plants. The company, which is ISO 9002 certified, specializes in applying babbitt metal to steel and the reconditioning of trunnion bearings, generator bearings, turbine bearings and split bearings.

Vertical Seal Company


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Niagara has expanded its Nutating Disc Flowmeter offering to include stainless steel cases, high pressure Teflon coated carbon steel cases and larger line sizes. The flowmeters are available for line sizes from 1/2-inch to 4-inch bore or 3/4-inch to 4-inch connections. They are available with flow ranges from 0.2 gpm to 400 gpm, pressure ratings up to 1,400 psig and operating temperatures up to 400 F.


Level Switch

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The new Series PLS Paddle Level Switch is ideal for monitoring the levels of bulk materials in pneumatic and dust collection systems. To prevent material and dust from entering the level switch, the control head is completely sealed from the process. The Series Paddle Level Switch is weatherproof and features a motor shut-off should the paddle stall. This feature increases motor life, decreases power usage and prevents motor burnout. A slip clutch enabled by the magnetic drive prevents damage to the motor and drive mechanisms from sudden or excessive loading on the paddle.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Rubber Lining

Blair Rubber Company has introduced a new solvent-free rubber lining system for power generation applications. The rubber linings are suitable for protecting against corrosion metal or concrete used in demineralizing water treatment vessels and flue gas desulfurization systems. Since their introduction in the early 1930’s all rubber linings have relied upon adhesion systems that include high levels of solvent in their makeup. The patented solvent-free rubber lining adhesion system eliminates solvent emissions, enabling tank lining applications to be carried out in a non-flammable and non-toxic atmosphere. The system provides sufficient bond strength of rubber to metal without the hazards associated with traditional solvent-based products.

Blair Rubber Company

Constant Flow Valves

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Asahi/America, Inc. has introduced its new line of Constant Flow Valves that are ideal for applications where a constant flow is required. Providing ease of operation, the new valves are designed to maintain a constant flow even if the differential pressure is altered. For superior corrosion resistance, all wetted components are comprised of thermoplastic and elastomeric materials. Designed for both vertical and horizontal applications, Constant Flow Valves enable users to preset a constant flow rate with a hand wheel. The hand wheel can be completely closed for tight shut off. All of the valves feature a plug design that sustains the prescribed flow setting by automatically widening and narrowing the flow orifice according to differential pressure changes in the process system.

Asahi/America, Inc.

Stop Valve

CCI announces the VQS, a steam turbine quick stop valve for the protection of steam turbines during a turbine trip. The VQS takes less than 0.2 seconds for full stroke closing. As a safety feature the valve has a built-in test facility for testing quick stop functions during turbine operation without affecting steam flow. This emergency quick close function achieves maximum protection for the turbine. The VQS’s customized design fits most turbine manufacturers’ equipment. Design of the valve body, which is machined from forged CrMo alloy or carbon steel, minimizes material stresses and fits the requirements of piping system with regard to material, pressure rating and piping connections.


Programmable Load Bank

Without proper testing and maintenance of emergency electric backup systems, there is no guarantee that emergency power will operate as planned. This problem can now be rectified with VARI-WATT programmable load banks from Post Glover Resistors, Inc. The VARI-WATT load bank simulates any actual operating condition, ensuring uninterruptible power supplies, battery banks and other distributed emergency power systems are tested under conditions that are closest to that of an actual emergency situation. The data logging capability of the load bank creates a record of performance that can be reviewed immediately after testing. A hard copy of the data is also available. A controller can be integrated into a facility’s LAN to enable remote monitoring and control.

Post Glover Resisters, Inc.

Floor Patching

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Devcon Ultra Quartz is a heavy-duty, premium floor-patching system with excellent resistance to chemicals as well as to abrasion. Trowelable to a smooth, nonporous finish, it attains a compression strength of 9,000 psi, more than three times the typical strength of concrete. It offers protection against acids, alkalis, water, oils, solvents and many other industrial chemicals. A thickness of up to one inch is possible on damaged or pitted concrete floors. Because Ultra Quartz will not sag, drip, or run, it can also be used to repair vertical and overhead surfaces. With a pot life of 60 minutes, it achieves full cure within 16 hours of application and can withstand temperatures up to 120 F wet or 200 F dry. Like other floor-maintenance products from Devcon, Ultra Quartz cures at room temperature and is easily applied by plant personnel.


Pressure Relief Valves

The Series 211 and Series 632 safety valves for air, steam, gas and liquid applications have been introduced by Spirax Sarco, Inc. These valves provide overpressure protection for air and gas compressors, pressure vessels, piping, boilers, accumulators and other process equipment. Certified to ASME Section 1 and Section VIII Code applications, the valves are available with operating pressures from 5 to 250 psi with a 250 psig maximum set pressure at 406 F. Relief performance is 39 to 7,810 SCFM for air, gas or vapor, 111 to 22,148 lb/hr for steam and 9 to 478 gpm for liquids.

Spirax Sarco, Inc.

Turbine Governor

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Compressor Controls Corporation has announced a new addition to its Vantage product line. The Vantage GD governor is specifically designed for condensing and back-pressure steam turbines driving synchronous generators. It features a comprehensive collection of turbine and generator control algorithms, including speed control with integrated manual-control, critical speeds and fully automated start-up and shutdown sequencing. In addition, it provides stable and precise load control for synchronous electrical generators permiting operation in power droop, characterized valve droop, and isochronous modes. Selection of the load control mode is accomplished through a set of discrete inputs that monitor the status of the utility breaker, generator breaker and an external droop/isochronous switch. Raise and lower inputs are provided for manual synchronization or interfacing with external auto-synchronization units. All configuration, operation, and maintenance activities for the governor can be performed using the local operator interface.

Compressor Controls Corporation

Intelligent Hydraulics

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A new 26-page color brochure from Bosch Rexroth’s Industrial Hydraulics business unit provides a comprehensive look at the company’s high-performance, high-productivity hydraulic power units, systems and components. The brochure shows a complete line of proportional, servo solenoid and flapper jet style servo valves, pumps, motors, pump accessories and accumulators. A section on compact hydraulics describes the broad spectrum of cartridge valves, from standard range to high-performance cartridge valves employed in applications requiring higher pressures and fatigue strengths. It also includes three different categories of cylinders: rod, mill and servo cylinders, differentiated according to design type.

Bosch Rexroth Group

Bi-fuel Engine Generator

The first bi-fuel engine generator, capable of operating up to 90 percent on natural gas and 10 percent diesel fuel, is now available from Generac Power System, Inc. Rated at 300 and 375 kW, the generator is powered by a 12-liter six-cylinder in-line diesel engine modified for bi-fuel operation. Both models, 300 kW and 375 kW, are offered as elements of the company’s expandable Modular Power Systems and the Gemini Twin Pack genset, where two engines operate side-by-side in a single package to produce either 600 to 750 kW of standby power. Multiple unit configurations up to 3,000 kW are available.

Generac Power Systems, Inc.

Motors, Blowers and Pumps Catalog

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AMETEK Rotron Technical & Industrial Products, a producer of brushless DC motors and motor-blowers, has completed a comprehensive catalog of its motor, blower, pump, fan, and controller products. The 90-page catalog contains an extensive listing of the company’s product offerings as well as detailed performance and engineering information on each one.


Hopper Level Sensor

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A new technology to help power plants to reliably sense and quickly respond to fly-ash high hopper level problems is now available from Neundorfer, Inc. The SmartSense hopper level sensor system is a more economical and reliable sensing alternative to nuclear and capacitive hopper level sensors. SmartSense systems feature flush mounted, automatically calibrating level and skin temperature sensors combined with serial communication and software for reliable level detection of fly-ash hoppers. A key part of the system is the software package that continuously communicates with SmartSense units to log and analyze the ash level and temperature of each hopper. In the event of a change in conditions, or fuel, the software records the change and automatically re-calibrates the sensors.

Neundorfer, Inc.

Electric Actuators

SM-6000 Series of electric rotary actuators from Jordan Controls offer a combination of fast speeds, high torque, continuous modulating duty, extreme operating temperatures and good positioning accuracy. An advanced internally mounted digital amplifier can be easily programmed via a watertight keypad and vacuum fluorescent display mounted on the front of the unit. Designed for almost any environment, the SM-6000 Series is ideal for dampers, vanes, valves and other process control applications that require fast speed, high torque and exact positioning control.

Jordan Controls, Inc.

Dual-Axis Alignment System

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Pinpoint Laser Systems now offer a two-axis microgage that is capable of measuring horizontally and vertically at the same time. The new system, called the Microgage 2D, allows maintenance and power plant engineers to align equipment quickly and efficiently. Over distances of 50 feet, the Microgage can measure straightness, flatness, parallelism and squareness to within 0.001 of an inch. The Microgage can be used to monitor mechanical misalignment and runout, and align rails, slides, bores and drive shafts. With the press of a button the laser reference beam comes on and the digital display gives a numerical readout for determining the exact alignment condition.

Pinpoint Laser Systems

Circle 239

Natural Gas Generators

Caterpillar Inc. has introduced a 1,200 rpm version of its Cat G3520C advanced natural-gas-fueled generator sets. The Cat G3520C offers the highest fuel efficiency in its class, low maintenance and reduced operating costs for extended-duty distributed generation and cogeneration applications. The 1,200 rpm, 60 Hz package delivers 1.6 MWe from an electronically controlled 20-cylinder advanced lean-burn gas engine, coupled with a six-pole synchronous generator. Mechanical efficiency is rated at 43.5 percent, with fuel consumption at 6,069 Btu/bhp-hr, and NOx emissions at 1.0 g/bhp-hr. For applications with even lower emissions needs, the G3520C gen set is also available in a 0.5 g/bhp-hr NOx version. Like the Caterpillar 1,800 rpm G3520C generator, the 1,200-rpm version is designed to operate reliably and economically with minimal hands-on operator attention. It uses the same open combustion chamber design and low-pressure fuel system (1.5 to 5 psi), making it adaptable to a wide range of applications.

Caterpillar, Inc.


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PowerSafe DDm batteries from EnerSys Inc. Reserve Power Group are now available through the company’s SureShip program. The PowerSafe DDm battery provides long service life and excellent performance for a variety of applications that require large capacity valve regulated batteries. Applications include telecommunications, power generation and distribution, and uninterruptible power supplies. There are eight different PowerSafe DDm batteries models available under the SureShip programs. The batteries range in capacity from 200 to 1,100 Ah and in voltages of 24 V, 48 V or 120 V. All of the batteries are shipped with the necessary installation hardware.

EnerSys, Inc.

Smart Wireless Instruments

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A four-color brochure is now available from Accutech, a division of Adaptive Instruments, LLC., that describes various integrated wireless smart process instrumentation systems that can measure, monitor and control all power plant functions. The company offers an integrated system complete with field units, base radio units, wireless instrumentation manager software and technical support. In addition to being less costly than wired smart instrumentation, the wireless smart instrumentation systems from Accutech have ranges up to 3,000 feet, a battery life of five years and the ability to measure or control any type of operation regardless of location.


Portable Electric Generators

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Lincoln Electric’s new Ranger 10,000 portable electric generator provides 10,000 watts peak (9,000 continuous watts) for emergency standby power. The Ranger 10,000 is ideal for powering inverter welders, grinders, lights and tools. A full-kVA 120/240 V outlet allows operators to run high capacity motors while four 120V outlets provide other auxiliary power. The Ranger 10,000 allows the operators to simultaneously weld and use the AC power for maximum productivity. At 100 percent duty cycle the machine is rated at 225 amps for AC stick welding, 210 amps for DC stick welding and 200 amps for CV wire welding. The customer can choose either a Kohler or Honda gasoline engine. Both engines are two-cylinder four-stroke OHV air-cooled engines.

The Lincoln Electric Company