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RemoteReality broadens its role in homeland security with new contract wins

WESTBOROUGH, MA, Oct. 20, 2003 — RemoteReality, a developer of wide area cameras for dramatically improving and automating video surveillance, today announced an agreement with security integrator, NuTech National, for trials at the Kissimmee (FL) Utility Authority (KUA), of the company’s OmniTrack 360 system designed for perimeter as well as internal security.

Keeping Utilities Secure Today’s announcement, an installation and marketing agreement with NuTech National, enables RemoteReality to participate in various national bids for surveillance systems at power stations and utilities. The first OmniTrack360 installation has been completed at the Kissimmee Utility Authority, a regional utility in central Florida, which is using the system to monitor the grounds of its Hansel Generation Station.

According to Richard Stevens, Power Plant engineer at KUA, “Our substations are widely distributed. Not only does the OmniTrack360 system enable us to remotely monitor all our facilities for intrusion awareness, liability protection and equipment inspection, it also saves us time and the cost of travel between substations.”

Greg DeTardo, CEO of Nutech National, believes there will be strong demand for the solution. “One of the many reasons we selected RemoteReality’s OmniTrack systems is because it uses off-the-shelf components-making it an affordable solution for those wanting video surveillance protection. We firmly believe there will be strong demand for the technology not only at facilities like KUA, but at many other utilities including electric, water and gas,” said DeTardo.

According to Jeb Hurley, RemoteReality CEO, “For the past two years, RemoteReality has been focusing on helping to keep our nation’s resources safe and secure. We’ve worked with the military on 360-degree video imaging to help prevent tragedies like the bombing of the USS Cole and accidents like the sinking of the Japanese fishing vessel, the Ehime Maru. Now, we’re pleased to be recognized by NuTech and to be able to turn our attention to protecting utilities.”

The RemoteReality OmniTrack360 Technology The OmniTrack technology provides coverage-equivalent to anywhere from three to six conventional cameras-using either visible light or thermal infrared sensors that capture up to a full 360-degree area in real time and using no moving parts. The integration of pan/tilt/zoom cameras into the system provides constant perimeter vigilance combined with zoom views revealing sufficient detail for face recognition or object identification.

Detection, alarm and tracking software can be added to fully automate the system; and viewing of the images can be done either locally or from a remote position.

About RemoteReality RemoteReality designs wide area omni-directional cameras that dramatically improve and automate video surveillance in security, anti-terrorism and military personnel protection applications. RemoteReality products improve security decision making by providing greater visual information and better situational awareness while reducing cost and complexity. The company has evolved from dotcom “cool” to issues-critical: its 360-degree digital imaging solutions are highly relevant in today’s world-beginning to play an important role in our Nation’s Homeland security. For more information, visit or call us at 508-870-1500.