Waste Management & Decommissioning

Onyx and Energos ASA to partner on waste to energy projects

4 September 2003 – Onyx, the Waste Management Division of Veolia Environnement, and Energos ASA, the Norwegian environmental technology company, have signed a privileged co-operation agreement for the French and UK markets to utilise the parties’ combined advantages for development of waste to energy projects in France and the UK.

Onyx, is the world’s second largest operator in the waste management and the only world operator active throughout the waste chain, managing solid, liquid and hazardous waste.

Onyx uses cutting-edge technologies in its waste to energy plants and through the agreement, Onyx will co-operate on bidding for new waste to energy contracts and operate the units conceived by Energos. Onyx believes Energos technology provides an environmentally friendly answer to integrated recycling and energy recovery for small and medium size waste management projects.

Energos designs and builds small scale, advanced waste-to-energy plants throughout Europe based on its own proprietary and patented technology. The plants, which produce energy for industry, district heating grids and power grids, are smaller than traditional waste-to-energy plants and emissions are far below prevailing EU limits. The company also participates as owner and provides technical management for the plants.

Onyx, the Waste Management Division of Veolia Environnement, is one of the world leaders in waste management. With 69 000 employees in 36 countries, Onyx had turnover of Yeuro;6.0bn in 2002.

Energos has six advanced waste to energy plants operating in Norway and Germany and has numerous plants in various stages of development in Scandinavia, Germany and Austria.