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Solar tower set for US development

22 August 2003 – US based SolarMission Technologies, Inc (formerly trading as Energen Global Inc), is set to expand development of Solar Tower technology into the US.

Solar Tower technology is a large-scale solar thermal renewable energy technology capable of generating 200MW of clean green grid connected electricity to around 200,000 households. Development of this technology is currently underway in Australia by EnviroMission Limited, a publicly listed Australian company that SolarMission Technologies has a commercial interest in.

The exclusive license to develop Solar Tower renewable energy technology in Australia was granted to EnviroMission Limited in 2001 by SolarMission Technologies in consideration for a 39 per cent interest in EnviroMission.

Cornerstone to the initial development of the technology in Australia was engineering capability, geological and meteorological suitability, commercial opportunity and social and political support.

As owner of the Solar Tower license in the US, China, Mexico, Jordan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand; SolarMission Technologies now plans to build on EnviroMission’s progress and will commence commercialization of the technology outside Australia.

A search for a suitable location for the US has already highlighted enthusiasm for the technology in West Texas, Nevada, California and Arizona.

“US enthusiasm for Solar Tower technology comes as no surprise,” says EnviroMission Limited’s Chief Executive Officer, Roger Davey, “if enquiries out of the US could be used as an indicator, Solar Tower technology should be bigger than Texas!”

EnviroMission’s work to date in Australian has provided the project with the groundwork to effectively drive developments in other licensed markets.

“The real winner from development of this technology in the US will be the environment, with significant greenhouse gas abatement expected from the technology’s emission free power generation,” says Davey.

A single Solar Tower power station is expected to abate over 700 000 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually, providing an important contribution to the renewable energy challenge in the US.