NASA announces microgravity combustion science grants

Aug. 20, 2003 — NASA selected 21 researchers to receive grants totaling approximately $9.4 million to conduct ground-based microgravity combustion research.

The researchers will have access to NASA’s microgravity facilities including drop-tubes, drop-towers, and aircraft. Sponsored by NASA’s Office of Biological and Physical Research (OBPR), Washington, this research offers investigators the opportunity to take advantage of a low- gravity environment to improve understanding of fundamental physical and chemical processes associated with combustion.

“This community of researchers has been tremendously productive and has effectively used past opportunities for space and ground-based research offered by NASA, ” said Eugene Trinh, Physical Sciences Division Director, OBPR. “This new group of ground-based awards is laying the foundation for the next generation of flight experiments for the Space Station that will focus on the technological challenges of space exploration.”

NASA received 79 proposals for this research announcement. The proposals were peer-reviewed by scientific and technical experts from academia, government, and industry.

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