NPCC readies assessment team to investigate blackouts

New York, NY, Aug. 18, 2003 — The Northeast Power Coordinating Council announced that it is assembling an assessment team of regional experts to perform a detailed analysis of power outage events within the region.

This activity, which will require significant effort, will be coordinated with the North American Electric Reliability Council. The analysis is expected to take several months to complete. NPCC’s Chairman, Charles Durkin, Jr., stated “We have extensive investigative work ahead to determine the factors that contributed to the wide-spread blackout.”

Edward Schwerdt, NPCC’s Executive Director said that, “NPCC, the organization that develops regionally specific system reliability criteria, assesses and enforces compliance and provides oversight for international electric power grid reliability for Northeastern North America, will apply its technical expertise and objectivity throughout the analyses.”

NPCC is responsible for coordinating the reliability of the interconnected bulk power system in Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada through the establishment of operating and planning standards, coordination of reliability planning and regular assessment of grid operating compliance with established standards. Additional information about NPCC is available at www.NPCC.org.