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EPA Science Advisory Board recruits Dr. Douglas Smith, ENSR International

Westford, MA, August 15, 2003 — Dr. Douglas Smith, Senior Principal Risk Assessment Scientist with ENSR International, a worldwide environmental consulting firm, has been appointed a Consultant to the EPA Science Advisory Board. Dr. Smith’s charter is to serve on an expert panel advising.

EPA on the quality and relevance of scientific and technical information that is the basis of EPA’s new “Multimedia, Multipathway, and Multireceptor Risk Assessment” (3MRA) modeling system. The new 3MRA modeling system helps to determine how well human and ecological health risk is controlled with alternative waste management criteria, limits or exemptions for specific chemicals managed in regulated waste management units.

Dr. Smith, with ENSR since 1974, has almost 30 years of related experience with risk assessment of hazardous air pollutants, and modeling of both routine and accidental releases.

He has been with ENSR since 1974. Over his career he has performed model development, testing, and risk analysis projects for government agencies (e.g., BLM, DOE, FAA, NRC), and many sectors of industry (aerospace, chemical mfg., electronics, pharmaceuticals, and utilities).

Dr. Smith is a widely published author of numerous technical papers and presentations at technical meetings on special topics in atmospheric dispersion modeling, emergency planning and communication of risk analysis results. He is a member of the New England Society for Risk Assessment and Air and Waste Management Association. He is co-author of a recent ENSR White Paper: Vulnerability Assessment for Facilities That Use Store or Transport Chemicals.

Dr. Smith received his Sc.D. and M.S. degrees from Harvard University School of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences, with special emphasis on Air Pollution, Industrial Hygiene, and Radiological Health. His BA in Physics was earned at Franklin & Marshall College.

About ENSR International ENSR International (www.ensr.com ) is an environmental services firm with 35 years of experience serving industrial companies from 70 worldwide 45 US offices. ENSR won Environmental Business Journal Achievement Awards in 2001 and 2002. For more information or a copy of Dr. Smith’s recent White paper, call (800) 722-2440 or visit www.ensr.com/request .