Major Russian energy company deploys RAD’s Multiservice Access Platform

Tel Aviv, Aug. 13, 2003 — Permenergo, a major Russian producer and distributor of electricity and central heating for customers in the Ural Mountains, has selected the Multiservice Access Platform (MAP™) from RAD Data Communications to serve as the access component of its new integrated communications network.

Permenergo planned the new network with three objectives in mind. The first was to reduce operating costs through the efficient bandwidth utilization of leased E1 lines between major nodes. The second was to build a digital broadband communication system over the company’s existing copper cabling. The third was to connect PBXs, routers, LAN switches and monitoring equipment for power production, distribution and consumption accounting with various interfaces.

The new network provides voice and data communications, including the transmission of technical data on energy consumption and power production at the company’s multiple facilities. Given the prohibitive expense of owning and operating a private digital communications infrastructure, Permenergo opted for a combined solution in which the network’s key nodes are linked by leased n x E1 lines, while a dense access network for peripheral nodes is based on the company’s own existing copper infrastructure. The network is designed to support advanced management, a prerequisite for a large, distributed enterprise of Permenergo’s size and scope.

Successfully Deployed in Large Corporate and Energy Suppliers’ Networks

UNI Corporation, a RAD Data Communications distributor in Russia, proposed, designed and constructed the integrated corporate network using RAD’s MAP solution. “Equipped with an extremely broad range of interfaces for connecting various types of equipment, MAP provides flexible multiplexing and switching of digital streams at various speeds, supporting a great number of voice signaling protocols,” explained Michael Soukonnik, Director of Sales in Central and Eastern Europe at RAD Data Communications. “But equally important for Permenergo was the knowledge that MAP products have been successfully deployed in large corporate networks, including those of other energy suppliers, as well as by the world’s leading telecom operators.”

UNI was also instrumental in upgrading the digital communications network for the Ural Unified Management Center, which serves the region’s entire power grid. Permenergo’s corporate communications center is connected to the Center via multiple E1 channels.

The MAP solution deployed by Permenergo includes the DXC™ family of multiservice access nodes and the Megaplex™ family of modular integrated access multiplexers. The DXC units are used for the provisioning of n x 64 kbps channels over the leased E1 lines. The Megaplex multiplexers aggregate low speed user traffic streams into the E1 channels managed by DXC units, provide connectivity to voice networks, LANs and the power accounting, monitoring and control equipment, and also serve as cross-connects at nodes with a small number of switched channels.

Next Phase to Include RAD Voice Compression Solution

Voice compression using RAD’s Compressed Voice System (CVS™) is planned for the next phase of the project. Future stages will focus on adding extra nodes at power facilities, as well as increasing the bandwidth of backbone channels by building private fiber segments.

Permenergo runs 14 power stations, nine heating and power distribution enterprises and eight auxiliary facilities, and has more than 18,000 employees.

About RAD

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