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ALSTOM reports great GT24 success at Monterrey III CCPP in Mexico

Aug. 8, 2003 — At the Monterrey III combined-cycle power plant in Mexico, the fourth and last GT24 unit received Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC) end of March 2003. This milestone was achieved 6 days ahead of contractual schedule.

The 1000MWe plant, owned by Iberdrola Energía Monterrey, SA de CV, a special purpose company established by Iberdrola in Spain, is composed of four KA24-1 ICS single-shaft combined-cycle power blocks, each equipped with a GT24 gas turbine, HRSG, steam turbine and generator.

Monterrey III is located approximately 15km from the city of Monterrey and has been built adjacent to Monterrey II, a 500 MW CCPP that is also equipped with the GT24 technology.

The commercial operation for this plant is not the first great success for the plant. Already when the first three gas turbine blocks entered commercial operation in spring of 2002 it did so ahead of schedule. In addition, the 7-day reliability run was successfully completed on all machines on the first attempt.

This represents another important milestone for the GT24/GT26 fleet, which has accumulated more than 600’000 OH.

Lake Road, USA (3xKA24 – 1)

ALSTOM is please to announce the recent success with the implementation of the upgrade package in the GT24 unit at the CCPP Lake Road in Connecticut, USA. The unit was handed over to the customer ahead of schedule.

The upgrade package is part of ALSTOM’s performance improvement program for the GT24/GT26 product line. The package implemented at Lake Road included an upgraded compressor, an optimized blade 2, an aerodynamically improved exhaust diffuser and outlet guide vane, all of which contributed to increase the power output of the unit.


First successful firing at the Cockburn CCPP (1xKA13E2-1) in Australia

The first successful firing of the Cockburn Power Plant project in Australia was achieved on May 17th, 2003, almost a year after construction first commenced on the site.

The Cockburn Power Plant is a 240 MW combined-cycle plant for Western Power on a site adjacent to the existing Kwinana power plant, 30 km south of Perth’s CBD. Demonstrating ALSTOM’s ability to provide integrated solutions, a seamless global team is responsible for the design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, delivery, supervision, site erection and commissioning of one dual pressure, natural circulation, unfired Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) to suit an ALSTOM GT13E2 Gas Turbine.

The scheduled completion date for the Cockburn plant is late 2003.

ALSTOM Wins a 320 million EUROS order from ALBA for a Power Plant in Bahrain
Press Release of April 28th, 2003

ALSTOM has been awarded an order worth �320 million to supply a 650 MW power plant for the extension (Line 5) of the Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) smelter, a primary producer of high-grade aluminium in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This Line 5 will expand ALBA’s annual production capacity from the current 500,000 tonnes to 750,000 tonnes, making it one of the largest single producers of aluminium in the world.

ALSTOM’s order is for the addition of two combined cycle power plant blocks to the existing GT13E2 gas turbine unit. Each block consists of two GT13E2 gas turbines, two waste heat recovery boilers and one steam turbine unit including the associated plant control and electrical distribution system. All major components for this project are ALSTOM’s in-house proven products.

The construction of this 650 MW power plant is about to begin and its commercial operation with the second combined cycle block is due to start in summer 2005. This new contract includes a significant local content of approximately 18%, thus encouraging the development of Bahraini industry.

This order is the third project awarded by ALBA to ALSTOM. The first order was placed in 1990 for a 600 MW combined cycle power plant, which included six gas turbines GT13D, and two steam turbines. The second contract was awarded in 1995 for the supply of a GT13E2 gas turbine plant.

This new contract to ALSTOM illustrates the customer’s satisfaction at the successive phases of this significant project.

Provisional Acceptance Certificate for the third PAC at Ruwais

On June 3th, 2003, the Ruwais (4xGT13E2) project in the United Arab Emirates received the final of the three PAC’s that the contract provided.

ALSTOM won the USD 600 million turnkey order for the 500 MW gas fired power and desalination plant in Abu Dhabi in April 1998. The plant is situated in the coastal industrial area of Ruwais, 230 kilometers west of the capital of Abu Dhabi City.

The contract included 4xGT13E2 gas turbines plus 3 waste heat boilers feeding desalination plant; sea water pumps and hv grid connection.

The project has been executed in consortium with ALSTOM in Italy, who supplied the basic plant and Fisia who supplied the desalination equipment.


PAC for the CCPP Sarnia 1xKA22N2-3 in Canada

A great milestone was reached on April 11th, 2003 when the last of the three GT11N2 gas turbine units at the Sarnia cogeneration combined-cycle power plant received the Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC).

In November 2000, ALSTOM was awarded the over 75 million Euro contract for the supply of three GT11N2 gas turbines together with a steam turbine and associated auxiliary equipment for the 440 MW Sarnia plant. Located in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, the natural gas fired cogeneration facility is the largest in the country, and it is fully operated by the customer, TransAlta Energy Corporation of Calgary, Alberta, a leading Canadian independent power producer. Although the customer TransAlta had some problems with the first 2 x GT11N2 units he was positively surprised for the efficient installation and commissioning of the Sarnia units, which required less than 30 starts and less than 1000 EOH per unit. This is also a sign that the GT11N2’s design is mature and reliable.

Japan Gas Turbines K.K. (JGT), a Joint-Venture company of ALSTOM and KAWASAKI executing gas turbine equipment contracts under the Turbomachinery business, has fully managed and executed the Sarnia project. Example of plants under the project umbrella of JGT are Fortaleza (Brazil) and Chihuahua (Mexico).

Steam Turbines

ALSTOM wins contract to supply steam turbine retrofits in USA

ALSTOM has been awarded a contract by Lower Colorado River Authority to retrofit Units 1 & 2 steam turbines at the 2 x 568 MW fossil fired Fayette Power Station in LaGrange, Texas.

ALSTOM will supply replacement inner cylinders to the GE type “G2″combined HP/IP turbines. This retrofit solution is based on impulse technology. An approximate additional 40 MW’s will be generated through enhanced efficiency and by utilizing the latent capacity in the boiler.

Indian Steam Power Plant Neyveli successfully passes capacity factor test

A successful finish to a successful project: The new 250 MW lignite-fired power plant in Neyveli, southern India, has successfully completed the final 720 hour capacity factor test (i.e. running stable on base-load conditions). After 37 months of planning and construction, the power plant, located 200 km south of Chennai, previously known as Madras, was handed over to the ST-CMS Electric Company in December 2002 – 3 days ahead of schedule. The customer, a project company of the American CMS Generation, operates as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

ALSTOM was the consortium leader of this first lignite-fired IPP power plant project in India.

ALSTOM wins order for Turbine Package in Sweden

Press Release June 5th, 2003

ALSTOM has been awarded a contract for the engineering, supply, erection and commissioning of a Turbine Package for a new Waste-to-Energy Plant in Linköping, Sweden. The customer and owner of the plant is the municipal energy company, Tekniska Verken i Linköping AB. The scope of supply covers a 20 MWe ST3 steam turbine, to be manufactured in ALSTOM’s facility in Nuremberg, Germany, a generator, exhaust piping, district heating condenser, condensate pumps and the related electrical equipment, with instrumentation and controls.

The Turbine Package is scheduled to enter commercial operation in January 2005. ALSTOM has previously supplied a number of steam turbines and gas turbines to Tekniska Verken i Linköping AB, as stand-alone and as combi-packs. District heating, electricity production and Waste-to-Energy are a few of the major components of the customer’s strategy.

The project will also be beneficial to the local community, providing another step towards securing a larger supply of district heating.

Full load at Manjung – the largest rating power station in Malaysia

On May 19th, 2003, full load was reached at the Manjung 3×700 MW thermal power plant in Malaysia. The plant is located on a reclaimed island about 10km south of the nearest town of Lumut and approximately 288km north of Kuala Lumpur.

A consortium including ALSTOM and Peremba was awarded the contract to supply the three units for Manjung in July 1999 by TENAGA NASIONAL BERHARD JANAMANJUNG (TNJB). ALSTOM was responsible for the design and the supply of the Civil Works of the power block, the erection, the commissioning, the training of the operation and maintenance team, the test run and performace guarantee tests.