New study gives 5-year forecast for coal supply

Aug. 6, 2003 — Increasingly stringent U.S. utility emission regulations, coupled with domestic coal supply uncertainties have stirred significant interest in coal imports among coal consuming generators.

The 5-year forecast presented in a newly released study suggests that imports of steam coal are likely to double within the next five years.

The study by Hill & Associates, Inc., is titled: “U.S. Coal Imports: Issues and Near Term Outlook.”

These and other questions are raised and addressed:

1) Which plants are the most likely import candidates and why?

2) Which foreign coals are available and sustainable as import sources in the future?

3) Is there enough port capacity now, or expected, to handle the forecast coal import demand?

4) What are the logistics and transportation economics to be considered by importers?

5) Where are the railroads coming down on the issue of coal imports?

The study provides analysis, opinion, and reference data covering the areas of coal supply, transportation and demand.

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