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GE supply steam turbine for Spanish waste-to-energy project

25 July 2003 – GE Oil & Gas has shipped a 56 MW steam turbine-generator for use in a waste-to-energy (WTE) project located at the municipal waste incineration plant of Bilbao, Spain.

The WTE project consists of a combined-cycle system which includes the GE steam turbine and a GE LM6000PD gas turbine, plus an incinerator. Steam to power the steam turbine will be produced by recovering heat from the gas turbine exhaust, and by burning refuse. The waste plant incinerates half of the household garbage of the Bizkaia region of Spain.

The steam turbine is a single-casing, reheat machine that offers high operational flexibility, can be configured for either 50 or 60 hertz applications, and can be customized to meet plant specifications, using typical building block criteria. It is suitable for use in a combined-cycle plant with a reheat temperature up to 565°C (1050°F). The machine also features a back-to-back arrangement and an off-the-shell, regulating valve system.

The WTE project is owned by Zabalgarbi, a company that processes urban waste in the Bilbao area using a clean, highly efficient energy recovery process. The WTE plant is expected to begin commercial service in 2004, supplying approximately 100 MW of electricity for the national grid.

GE Oil & Gas is a unit of GE Power Systems and is based in Florence, Italy, the home of Nuovo Pignone, a long-time global leader in gas compression and turbo generation products. Other members of the GE Oil & Gas business include Gemini, GE Packaged Power Odessa, Rotoflow, A-C Compressor and Conmec, all of the U.S.; Thermodyn of France; and PII Pipeline Solutions of the U.K.