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Ducon will supply 2 x 300 MW wet FGD systems to China

July 21, 2003 — Ducon announced that it will supply its advanced Flue Gas Desulfurization technology for 2 x 300 MW coal-fired boilers to the Tangshan Power Plant, in China through its licensee, Zhejiang Feida Environmental Co.

Ducon’s advanced technology utilizes wet limestone Ventri-rod spray tower to achieve over 95% sulfur dioxide removal efficiency and produce gypsum as the final waste product. Ducon’s Ventri-rod spray tower has several advantages over the conventional spray tower used by most competitors.

This is a zero discharge system with no waste for disposal. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2004.

Ducon is a global provider of the most advanced and custom engineered air pollution control systems to the world’s power plants, refineries, steel plants and other industries since 1938. Ducon also supplies laser opacity monitors and Continuous Emission monitoring systems.

Since its inception Ducon has completed over 25,000 installations worldwide. Ducon’s air pollution control equipment is used to control toxic fumes, SO2, HCl, H2S, NOx, VOC’s, flyash, mercury, dioxins & sub micron particles from industrial exhausts and utility boilers.