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Voller Energy to use Palcan PC-150 fuel cell stack

LONDON & VANCOUVER, BC, June 13, 2003 — Voller Energy has selected Palcan Fuel Cells’ PC-150 Fuel Cell Stack as the power source in the Voller Energy VE100 Portable Fuel Cell system.

Voller Energy is a European manufacturer of portable fuel cell systems. The company designs battery rechargers and mobile generator products that are portable to provide silent, clean, safe and reliable remote power. The new Voller Energy VE100 hand held product is approximately the size and weight of a laptop computer or portable typewriter and provides both DC and AC output.

This means any electrical device that has an ordinary mains or wall socket plug can be plugged into the VE100, just as if the user was plugging into a mains electrical supply at home or in the office. The VE100 also has a 13.8v DC ‘cigar lighter’ or automotive type electrical socket which can be used to recharge a battery in a mobile phone or laptop, or to recharge a automobile battery.

Stephen Voller, CEO of Voller Energy said, “we are delighted with the VE100 and we are impressed with the robust reliable performance of the Palcan PC-150. In tests the Palcan stack stood up to considerable wear and tear. We are confident that with our system and the Palcan stack, we are offering an excellent product in the VE100.”

John Shen, CEO of Palcan said, “we are pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate our stack in the commercial launch of Voller’s Energy VE100.”

About Voller Energy :

Voller Energy is a manufacturer of portable fuel cell systems for industrial and military use. The product range includes portable battery rechargers and mobile generators based on hydrogen powered Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology. Voller Energy is also developing a range of integrated fuel cells for the next generation of portable electronic equipment such as mobile phones, laptop computers and power tools that will provide continuous power without the user needing to recharge their battery. Founded in 2002, the company is privately held and is located in UK and in China. Distributors supply Voller Energy products in Germany, Italy and the United States.

About Palcan:

The company is a developer and manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and metal hydride hydrogen storage products. The Company’s proprietary and patent pending technologies form the core of the PalPac™ Power Products, a unique and integrated fuel cell power system.

The company’s PalPac™ fuel cell systems are a reliable and clean environmental alternative to replace batteries and small internal combustion engines in global consumer products such as electric scooters, personal neighbourhood vehicles and portable power products. The Company’s manufacturing and research and development facilities are located in Burnaby, British Columbia.