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DOE announces new contract opportunities for cleanup work at Paducah and Portsmouth sites

WASHINGTON, DC, June 12, 2003 – The Department of Energy (DOE) announced recently that it will conduct a competitive procurement for new contracts at both the Paducah, Kentucky, and Portsmouth, Ohio sites. Current contracts at the Paducah and Ohio sites will expire in September but will receive a six-month extension. Once the extension has expired the contracts will then be terminated.

Two contracts will be awarded at each site for cleanup and remediation, as well as infrastructure and maintenance activities at the sites. Specifically, cleanup activities will include remedial action and source term removal to prevent the spread of contamination; managing legacy waste storage; treatment and disposal; and completing remediation actions for cleaning up soil and groundwater.

“Awarding these competitive contracts will increase competition by expanding the inventory of potential contractors performing the work,” Assistant Secretary of Environmental Management Jessie Roberson, said. “What we are creating is a win-win situation for the Department and increasing the opportunity for small businesses to further demonstrate their large-scale cleanup capabilities.”

This decision comes as the Department evaluates its acquisition strategy to increase opportunities for designated small business prime contractors. Consistent with this overall DOE objective, acquisition strategies and contract structures are being developed that maximize small business opportunities at Paducah and Portsmouth, as appropriate.

The Department plans to publish a sources-sought notice in Federal Business Opportunities by the middle of June regarding the new contract opportunities, and expects contract awards early next year.

As previously reported, the Department is also taking steps to improve its environmental cleanup activities at the large gaseous diffusion plants in Ohio and Kentucky by opening a new Lexington, Kentucky, office established to implement cleanup activities for the Portsmouth, Ohio, and Paducah, Kentucky sites.

“We are taking this action to improve efficiency within the environmental cleanup program by eliminating two layers of management and increasing accountability of our field management,” Roberson said. “The new office will also provide a single source of leadership for these important cleanup activities in Ohio and Kentucky.”

The Lexington office will be established this summer and expects to be fully operational by this fall. A smaller staff of employees will be located at Paducah and Portsmouth for oversight of technical operations with direct reporting by the new manager to the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management.

William Murphie has been named to head the Lexington office and will serve as the manager for both sites.

“Bill has many years of experience in successfully leading environmental cleanup projects, and I have complete confidence he will deliver on moving our program forward,” Roberson said. “He will work closely with our regulators, elected officials and community leaders in Portsmouth and Paducah.”

Both gaseous diffusion plants were built in the early 1950s and have similar facilities and equipment, allowing for greater efficiencies through a single, streamlined management structure.