Romania and Bulgaria join European power transmission group

6 June 2003 – The Union for the Co-ordination of Transmission of Electricity (UCTE) has welcomed two new members, Transelectrica (Romania) and NEK (Bulgaria). The new additions to the UCTE mean that now 450 million Europeans benefit from interconnected power grids.

The official signing ceremony took place at this year’s General Assembly of the Union for the Co-ordination on for the Transmission of Electricity. After intense preparatory works since 1997 and a successful completion of extended tests, Transelectrica and NEK recently achieved UCTE membership.

The electric systems of the Romanian and the Bulgarian TSO are now fully integrated into the largest synchronously operated electric power system of Europe which reaches from Poland to Portugal and from Greece to Denmark. Within the UCTE synchronous area,
TSO rely on common standards and principles of mutual help; this broad international co-operation has significantly increased stability, reliability and the efficiency of participating systems and also extended the perimeter of European electricity markets.

With some new 8 million power customers in Bulgaria and 23 million in Romania approximately 450 million people in Europe take advantage from the high reliability and the security standards of such a wide synchronously linked power grid.