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Erie Boulevard Hydropower L.P. continues upgrade at Higley Plant throughout harsh winter and cool spring

COLTON, New York, June 3, 2003 – Construction is still under way at Reliant Energy’s Erie Boulevard Hydropower L.P.’s Higley hydroelectric plant on the Raquette River in Colton, New York. This project involves the redevelopment of the hydro site, which will produce new green hydropower.

During the harsh winter, Reliant began installing the four new hydroelectric turbine-generators as part of the new Higley powerhouse. Canadian Hydro Components of Altmonte, Ontario, Canada, manufactured the turbines.

Reliant continues work at the site this spring, installing the four penstocks to be attached to the turbine case extension pipes — in view — to the intake structure already constructed approximately 200 feet upstream. The remaining powerhouse foundation walls were completed by the end of April and the powerhouse superstructure will be completed by the end of May.

Potencia of Mexico City, Mexico manufactured the generators with capacity rated at 1.5 megawatts each. In addition to the penstocks and powerhouse, other new equipment includes the intake, headgates, and fish-friendly trashracks. North American Hydro of Schofield, Wisconsin, provides the controls and switchgear.

The Higley plant continues to generate 3.5 megawatts throughout the upgrade. Upon completion of the upgrade in the summer of 2003, the plant will have a generating capacity of 6.1 megawatts, and the old plant will be retired from electric generation service, but maintained due to historic significance.

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